Diada of Sant Jordi in Catalonia

Diada of Sant Jordi in Catalonia

Tomorrow, on April 23, the Diada of Sant Jordi (Saint George) is celebrated in the whole Catalonia. This day, known as the holiday about the book and the rose, coincides with the anniversary of Saint George, the boss of Catalonia. It is a question of one of the most popular holidays since it counts with centuries and centuries of tradition.

According to the legend, the gentleman Saint George killed the dragoon that was frightening the village. Of the blood of the dragoon a rose was born, that the gentleman gave her lover, the princess of the castle. As the proper tradition indicates, the men must give a rose to her pair and the women must give the men a book.

Year after year, in the streets of the city there are hundreds of count places  of roses and books, specially in Las Ramblas and in the Plaza of Catalonia there is breathed a festive and cultural environment, with a human tide of sellers and persons who look for the best roses and the best books.

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During the whole day, the authors of the most popular books sign copies of their books in the positions of the street and in specialized bookshops, it is another way of connecting the reader with the author. As relevant information, in 1995 the UNESCO declared April 23, the International Day of the Book. The territorial delegations of Catalonia offer activities during the whole festive day as lunches with writers, spectacles and concerts, between others.

The official acts for the day of Saint George begin with the delivery of the Cross of Saint George to persons and entities that have stood out for the services to the community given in Catalonia.

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