Halloween in Barcelona!

Halloween in Barcelona!

Halloween, or Noche de Brujas, is a celebration that comes from the celtic’s tradition and the catholic day of “All saints”. Now a day is quite famous also in the Mediterrian countries like Spain.

But in these days there is another celebration in Barcelona, called “La castanyada”. La castanyada means “Chestnut time” and is a traditional festivity in which you can eat castanyas (roasted chestnuts), panellets (cakes), moniatos (sweet potatoes) and drinking muscatel sweet wine. Castanyer and castanyeres sell these products all around the streets of Barcelona from October to February. The tradition is to eat a warm street food during the autumn and winter.



Anyway, there are different events in Barcelona for Halloween:

  • Guided tour for discover the legends of Barcelona: you can do a night guided tour around the neighborhood Gothic, discovering the “dark side” and the secrets of the real Barcelona!


  • Halloween Party: enjoy your Halloween in one of the most famous disco in Barcelona like Razzmatazz, and Nitsa!