Cubism and war

Cubism and war

The museum of Picasso is in the heart of the Barrio Gotico in Barcelona and it’s full of works of the Spanish artist from his first period to his death. It shows especially the Blue Period of the artist and there is also a section with photos of that period.


You can see the standard collection but from the 8th of November until the 29th of January you have also the possibility to see one new exhibition called Cubism and war: The Crystal in the Flame.

This exhibition shows the works of many artists who refused the war or who produced a propaganda. Actually the cubism is an avant-guard art movement that took place in the 20th century and inspired all Europe, especially about paintings and sculptures, but also other kind of art like music or literature.


In particular you can see the works of Pablo Picasso and his fellow Spaniards Juan Gris and María Blanchard, the Mexican Diego Rivera, the Italian Gino Severini, and the Lithuanian sculptor Jacques Lipchitz, the French sculptor Henri Laurens and painter Henri Matisse. Fernand Léger and Georges Braque, who went to the front and had very different artistic responses to the conflict, are also included in this exhibition.



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