Our practices in Barcelona

Our practices in Barcelona

Hi everyone, we’re Margarita and Magda, we’re from Poland and we are working with Barcelona Best Services for 3 weeks, because of our practices from school. It is a huge pleasure and distinction to work with this special and fantastic team!

We have learnt a lot for this time and now our time here is coming to end so we decided to write some words about Barcelona and our work.

Barcelona is a beautiful place, honestly. A lot of cultures in a one time. People who cares about their lifes, business. They doesn’t even care about what you’re wearing and how you look. That was one of our biggest suprises here, because in Poland it’s completly diffrent.

Now something about our work. We came here almost three weeks ago and now we can tell you something about what we’re doing in Barcelona Best Services. Most of our group from Poland is working in a Rent a Bike services. We don’t know why we had this pleasure to work in Barcelona Best Services but we hope it wasn’t instance. First about people. We don’t know how they’re doing that, but they’re always smiling and it’s great because the amosphere is always nice and we wasn’t scared in our first visit here. We’ve visit a lot of apartments, most of them are incredible! The style, furnitures ohh they’re beautiful! When we would have won on a lottery we’ll definetly live here for a year! It’s pretty sad, that our time is almost over, we don’t really want to come back but the missing about our family and friends is depressing. But we are planning our second visit in Barcelona already!

Near we want to show you a few apartments which suprised us the most!


Apartment 1229 – it was our first apartment which we have visited. We’ve heard a lot of goods about it and it’s just magical! The bathrooms will take you to another place and it’ll make you feel like a king/queen. We really liked the chairs in a living room it’s really amazing! Take a look by yourself! Check by click into a photo.





Apartment 1416 In this apartment the most suprising and different than in the others was….doors. Yes, doors. Why it’s so different? Look by yourself! We love the style in this apartment. Everything is white and this is what we like the most!



general1_big1416 3



Apartment 1304 this apartment is really cute because it’s sufficient for a parents with children. It would be the best choice for you! Why? Because it have a terrace in a top of the roof, and you can spend your free time in a fresh air with a cup of coffie. Perfect relax!

1304 2

1304 1

1304 3

Hope you enjoy our story and can’t wait to see you in our apartments!