Mother’s day in Barcelona

Mother’s day in Barcelona



Día de la Madre, also called Mothers Day or Mothering Sunday  is celebrated in Spain on the first Sunday of May every year which in 2017 falls on May 7th.

What Gifts Are Common on Dia de la Madre in Spain?
The usual gifts of flowers or chocolates are common in Spain, as are cards. However, Spain does not have the same card-giving culture as, say, the United Kingdom does.

2 ideas for Mother’s day in Barcelona :

Take your mum at the Parc Guell and have a good day

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Is your mother gourmand? So let your her enjoy the Boqueria Market!

Give free rein to your senses of your discovery of the colorful stalls and sparkling tapas bars of the biggest food market of Barcelona.
A real feast for your eyes and for your taste buds, the Boqueria market offers generously a large selection of tasty products. Serving everything from tropical fruits, olives, spices and seafood to pastries, tapas bars and cooking classes, the market is a must-see for all gourmets.

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Now you know how to make your mother happy !