Traditional Catalan Cuisine

Traditional Catalan Cuisine

If you come to Barcelona on vacation, you should definitely discover the world of unique cuisine of Catalonia:

Extremadura Ham and Bread with tomato – Jamón extremeño y Pa amb Tomàquet

This delicious snack combines the gastronomic traditions of Extremadura (an Autonomous community of south-western Spain) and Catalonia. “Pa amb Tomàquet” is one of the most brilliant and simplest recipes that were invented in Catalonia, but famous around the world. Pa amb Tomàquet is a toast grated with fresh tomatoes and spices. It´s that simple! Extremadura is known for its jamón, they even say that this is the best jamón in Spain… Worth a try to make sure!


The amazing story of the dessert “Crema Catalana”

Crema Catalana is the one of most common desserts in Catalonia. The history of this dessert is very ambiguous, however, the main version says that the nuns of Catalan monastery invented the recipe in the XVIII century – while waiting for the Bishop to arrive, they decided to prepare flan for a dessert. However, it came out too liquid… There was no time to alter, so the nuns decided to save the situation with a crust of caramelized sugar.

“Crema Catalana” is traditional dessert served on March 19th, which is Joseph the Betrothed´s Day.

The taste of Catalan cream inspires perfumes of all kinds of products such as: ice cream, foam, the variant of Catalan nougat (turrón), etc. The cream is used in some varieties of teas Earl Gray.


Calçots amb romesco

If you arrive to Barcelona in the period from December to March, it is likely that on the streets of the city you will find roasted on charcoal spring wild onion served with special source “Salvitxada” or “Romesco” (tomato and garlic based), which is a cult for the Catalans.

Before dipping the onion in the source, it needs to be freed from the crust, holding it green leaves with hands. The white onion tail has amazing taste and juiciness. Although the process of eating is not for clean hands lovers, but it is incredibly exciting and delicious! We recommend you to visit El Jardí de l´apat or Puda Can Manel, where you will find this dish in its traditional form.



Everyone is familiar with the famous Spanish paella, origin from Valencia. However, in the Catalan version rice is replaced with small noodles. Moreover, pleasant surprise is that seafood added to the dish are already peeled, so less work for you! Usually, Fideuá is served with a garlic source Aioli.


Baked Cod – Bacallá a la llauna

Cod remains one of the most popular fish in Catalonia. In dried and salted form it can be stored for several years.

The most common type of cooking is frying in olive oil with the addition of garlic and sweet red pepper, called paprika. You will find variety of cod – based dishes in the restaurants of Barcelona. However, some places interpret cod in the own way, bringing special notes to the original recipe, so you will find opportunity to discover variances of this fish preparation.


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